AOI Envisions to Constellate the Wisdom of Ancient India with available digital resources to empower the future of this great Nation. AOI (Architects of India) is a registered trademark partnership firm duly registered with the Ministry of MSME govt. of India and associated with AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) to deliver internship & training programs.

AOI is a carefully curated project that optimally utilise the digital resources available to help people realise their dreams of self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship. During the current times of instability, now more than ever the need for being Financially, Socially Independent and Nationalistically aware has arisen. Being self-sufficient demands a solid set of skills, the ability to put them into practice and make it a complete package of tangible deliverable through which a sustainable society can be formed which is truly empowered to take the Nation forward through progress and prosperity.

Bringing the Market to the Enterprise

AOI endeavours to bridge the gap between producers and consumers by offering various digital platforms for business development and promotion through website development, social media outreach and other promotional and training activities. Special effort has been made to make the rural population of India selfreliant and prosperous and making them become industry deployable. We also create marketing opportunities for our rural youths promoting rural entrepreneurship align with various fields in urban settings.

Content Creation

In an endeavour to lend voice to the diversity of India, AOI provides a ready platform to all those who are looking for a relevant space to express their ideas and views. Young writers, Technical writers, Content developers etc. who have ideas and flair for expressing themselves in words are welcome to use this platform and provide wings to their vision.


Relationship with Architects of India is envisaged to be that of an informed citizenry, we have a dedicated news scroll to keep all our visitors abreast of current affairs to keep pace with dynamic times. Architects of India initiative brings to fruition a broader vision of making every Indian contribute towards making India the Golden Bird once again.