Bhagavaticharan Verma


Bhagavaticharan Verma was born on August 30 , 1903 in Uttar Pradesh. He is recognised as the leading litterateur of the Hindi world.

He has also worked prominently in the field of writing and journalism. Bhagwati Charan Varma’s radio allegories as poets ‘Mahakal’, ‘Karna’ and ‘Draupadi’ – published in 1956 AD in the shape of a compilation known as ‘Tripathga’, are his masterpieces. Although his famous poem ‘Bhainsagadi’ has its own importance in the history of modern Hindi poetry.

His major compositions are Chitralekha’, ‘Forgotten Bisore Pictures’,’ Straight Truths’, ‘Sabhi Nachawat Ram Gusai’, ‘Coming from unknown country’, ‘Today is the golden morning of man’, ‘My poems’,’ My stories’, ‘ Morchabandi ‘,’ will ‘.