Gangajal- The Holy Water


A year ago, I argued with a friend. When I pointed out some white chemical(styrene) foam in water and a dead seagull, he ridiculed the holy river. I instantly busted his bubble by telling him that the Ganges which flows from the mythical hair locks of Lord Shiva is self-cleansing due to the action of Bacteriophages. Silver\himaliyan salt colloids and hyperoxygenation – and it is the only river on the planet which has this ability.

He expostulated – “BACTERIOPHAGE whaaaaa??”

I replied-“bacetrio freakin’ phage indeed !!”

A bacteriophage is a virus which infects and kills their host bacteria by a magical search and destroy action. Thousands of varieties of such phages exist in Ganges water, each of which may infect only one type or few types of Bacteria. They are harmless to humans because they are strain-specific. More than 150 years ago there was a cholera outbreak in India and dead bodies were dumped in the upper river. Yet strangely Ganges water did not spread cholera down the river. Phages have been keeping bacteria in check for three and a half billion years! Antibiotics have been around for a few decades. Bacteria which phages feed on can come from human bodies when they bathe. The human body in water acts as a catalyst. The higher the concentration of bathers the more food for the phages to feast on. So wherever there are major bathing festivals like the KUMBH MELA, phages will flock. Isko boltha hai Bhagwaan ki leela !

Having found out its prey, the phage will multiply and the whole area suddenly becomes rich in phages. So a few days after a KUMBH MELA the river suddenly acquired greater powers of self-purification. 60 years ago people would put a few drops of Ganga water into ponds and it would kill all the bacterial growth. Even today the polluted Ganga that kills pathogens twenty-five times faster than any other river on the planet.

300 million years ago, these magic colloids were at the bottom of the sea and were churned up when two continents banged against each other at the end of the great continental drift. The Himalayas were pushed up when two continents collided. This is why Tibet is elevated and Mount Everest is the tallest mountain peak, which is still rising. Rock salts from the bottom of the deep ocean were pushed up as mountains. It is electrically charged nano-sized colloids of Himalayan rock salt which protects the human body from free radicals and heals the human body. 

This is why Ganges water is called LIVING WATER.

This low surface tension water contains all the 83 odd minerals required by the human body in the correct dosage, to take it to the correct vibrational state where all cells dance in supreme harmony. Ganges water is highly alkaline and has an extraordinary amount of hydrogen with an extra electron, to neutralize damaging free radicals, which cause DNA damage, diseases and ageing. Majority of people have died after living their lives on this planet by never drinking living water. It holds high amounts of silver colloids, is highly sunbathed and oxygenated, and is indeed bio-energised miracle water. Ayurveda used colloidal silver for curing urinary tract and vaginal yeast infections and treating various diseases including Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatism, Arthritis ( dispersal of calcium ), Diabetes, Colitis, food poisoning, Tetanus etc. No microorganism can ever stay alive against colloidal silver. It is safe for pregnant women, being an electromagnetic process. Electrolytically-dissolved silver has been used as a water disinfecting agent. Ancient Indian rishis drank water from copper lotas(pots). They cleaned copper pots with tamarind, causing copper colloids to leach into the water overnight. Algae, viruses, E Coli and many other pathogens are killed. This anti-oxidant water takes care of free radicals and hence is anti-inflammatory, there is no need to boil the water. This water makes your sperm more potent. This water can cure sinus like magic. It takes care of hypertension too. Ganges water has been kept in copper pots at the Shiva temple at Rameshwaram and has not developed algae and bacteria for centuries. 

The most mysterious and controversial property of water, however, is its ability to hold and store memory. This property underlies the healing capability of homoeopathy. One single drop of Ganges water purifies a large pot of water. Only an imprint or memory remains for the cure, and the greater the dilution, the greater the effectiveness. Experiments showed that the immune system can be triggered using hundred times dilutions of an aqueous solution of an antibody, If water has a memory then the water we drink is transferring its memory into our “water body,” just like a homoeopathic solution does. Hindus immerse their ashes of their ancestors in the holy Ganga. The water is thought auspicious and leads to the salvation of the departed. The river holds the memory of BHARATMATA.

Human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water. The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. In this sense water not only can visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment. Ganges water has been responsible for thousands of unexplainable healings. Water registers precise molecular information about the world around it, and that is extremely sensitive to these frequencies coming into it. Water remembers, or stores this information, and that it can transport this into new environments when it travels through various water cycles. The oceans have a water cycle where vast internal rivers, that we call ocean currents, flow through all the salt waters of our world, carrying warm and cold waters to affect various countries’ weather patterns, flora and fauna. Water responds to subtle events even far out in the cosmos and that it is a far more sensitive medium for a reception.

It is also known that water receives cosmic radiation as extreme low frequencies everywhere, even deep down five kilometres below the sea, creating resonances or vibrations that are healing and healthy for nature since the world began. The moon, the sun and even the stars communicate with water, and our earth itself is returning its resonances constantly to this influx.

Water is the universal solvent, being one of the best solvents we have, with 84 out of the known 103 elements on this planet being dissolved by it. If you drink water that’s harmonious to the human body, water will pass through the body within ten to 15 minutes. The (harmonious) water will carry out toxins. That’s how much pure water is. It held so sacredly that holding this water in hand no Hindu dares to lie or be deceitful. The ‘Puranas’ or ancient Hindu scriptures say that the sight, the name, and the touch of Ganga cleanses one of all sins and taking a dip in the holy Ganga bestows heavenly blessings. Every Sadhak learns to tap their divinity through healing, rejuvenating and celebrating life in sync with Nature’s benevolence. We, an entire civilization worship the Goddess Ganga like our ETERNAL MOTHER. Let the pure grace of Ma Ganga flow within and all that is impure or sorrowful will quickly be washed away into a current of eternal delight.