Why ?Be Everywhere? Is Bad Marketing Advice

We hear that we should be everywhere. We should be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Last year it was Periscoping and Blabbing? and now we should be on Facebook Live!

It?s time to uncomplicate the decision-making process so that you can sharpen your focus and choose the most aligned marketing strategies for you and your business. So how do you decide what marketing strategies are a perfect fit – and which ones you should pass on? I?ve got three steps to help you align your marketing strategy with your Business Sweet Spot:: Step 1:: Know Your Strengths It sounds easy enough, but the truth is most of us overlook our own strengths. Why do we do this? Because when something comes easily to you, it?s easy to assume that it comes easily to everyone else! The truth:: Our strengths are our competitive advantage! Your strengths are how you can differentiate yourself from everyone else doing similar work. When you tap into your strengths, you get laser focused on what you do best. You stand out ? something you can?t do when you?re spreading your energy across too many marketing tactics. How can you get clear about your strengths? Ask! Yes I know this can feel a little scary and vulnerable! But there are a lot of people in your world who can give you incredible insight into the value that you bring to your work. This is one of the first assignments I give to all my clients because I know that when they reach out to their clients or colleagues, they are going to see a 180 degree assessment of how they provide the most value to those around them.